Corporate Social Responsibility

“Corporate Social Responsibility”has been given so many definitions it is increasingly difficult to know what one means when invoking it. For Oryx it is a matter of understanding that we do not exist or operate in a vacuum. Everything we do, every decision we make, impacts the people around us: in our workforce, in our community and in the world. And further, all our actions and all our policies have environmental impacts as well.

Our Values

The very nature of our enterprise is to help people live more full and healthy lives. This commitment extends to how we conduct our business, that is, in ways that are consistent with our mission: to benefit people,to save lives.

Our Principles

♥ Oryx is an international company.

♥ Ensuring that our workers are treated well and compensated fairly;

♥ Providing a safe and comfortable workplace;

♥ Minimizing the environmental impact of our process and activities have and finding ways to improve the environment where we work;  

♥ Ensuring that whoever operates for and on behalf of Oryx adheres to internationally recognized principles of best practices, as well as to national and international legislation;  

♥ Being an active good citizen in the communities-physical and human-where and with which we work(for example Oryx establishes and maintains active collaboration with both patient and donor organizations, providing information and support);  

♥ Encouraging all partners and collaborators to observe socially responsible practices and contractually obligating partners and collaborators to conform to our social responsibility principles;  

♥ Ensuring Corporate Social Responsibility is prominently considered in all business transactions and decisions.   

♥ We believe social responsibility must be expressed pro-actively, that is, it is not enough simply to“do no harm”; we should be looking for and aware of opportunities to do positive“good”in the world, whether it is the world of our plants and facilities, our donors and derivative users or the global environment.

♥ For us at Oryx, Corporate Social Responsibility is a commitment. A promise.

Our Standards

We measure our performance by continual reference and evaluation against a number of voluntary standards and guidelines, such as:

  • Our own ideals, principles and goals
  • The Global Compact's Ten Principles regarding human rights, labor, the environment and the fight against corruption
  • The CFDA Standard
  • The WHO Regulations
  • The ISO 14001 Standards
  • The ISO 9001 Standards
  • The ISO26000 Guidelines